Meet Air Travel Rules with Function and Style

Benefits of the Clear Bag System™

Now you can easily carry-on your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen and other liquids and gels when you fly. The Clear Bag System™ lets you zip through airport security without extra hassles and meets all of TSA's 311 air travel rules. It not only makes a great travel companion when you travel by air, but also comes in handy when you travel by sea or land.

Meets TSA 311 Rule for traveling with 1 Clear, Zip Top Bag
All Clear Bag System™ luxury travel bags are made with strong, 2.5 cm vinyl and zip completely shut with a sturdy zipper. They are five times the strength of a standard .05 cm plastic zip-top bag, which makes the system easily reusable and transportable. Plus the deluxe 6x8 inch size bag offers space beyond the included pumps and containers for additional toiletries. Personal items such as deodorant and toothpaste fit securely into one neat and clean kit ready to toss on the security belt or into your gym bag. The size and material are completely compliant with all TSA Regulations and Canadian airport regulations.

Meets TSA 311 Rule for using 3 oz Containers
High-quality, refillable pumps are a cornerstone to our luxury travel bags. Our innovative line of airless pumps complies with TSA 311 air travel rules and makes a stylish alternative to bulky containers and messy dispensers. Easily transport and dispense toiletries on-the-go with a spill-proof design that lets you travel worry-free, knowing your liquids and gels will stay in their container. Every pump and jar is sized to meet TSA Guidelines and withstand the demands of daily travel. The airless design also prevents bacteria growth, making them perfect for everyday use. Don’t waste time and money buying last-minute travel-sized products from the drug store. Now, you can take your favorite products wherever you want to go. Learn how to fill and reuse the pumps.

Makes Traveling Through Security Easier
No more fumbling at the security gate. No more worrying about which liquids and gels you can carry on the plane. Just pack your Clear Bag System™ and travel with ease (warning: you may be the envy of everyone around you)

  • Patent-pending design is sleek and sturdy
  • Reusable bag and refillable pumps save time, energy and money
  • Environmentally friendly packaging creates less waste
  • Reusable pumps eliminates last-minute trips to the drugstore travel aisle
  • Compliance with TSA 311 air travel rules eases travel concerns
  • All components are free of synthetic chemicals, lead and other toxins
  • US production means reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions in supply chain.

"I initially purchased the Clear Bag System for personal use when I travel. It helped ease my way through security and allowed me to carryon my toiletries with no hassle. I decided to share this great product with my friends and family since it makes the perfect gift for all occasions. It is always hard to find a stylish yet practical gift and the Clear Bag System by 311 Travel Bag has become my new favorite gift to give. "

Janet Holley, CFC
Escambia County Florida Tax Collector

Clear Bag System™ Fully-Complies with TSA and CATSA carry-on regulations
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